Friday, 21 November 2014

Bhanu Choudhrie's Customers Bank Marks a Digital Banking Revolution

Customers Bank is on its way to deliver an immersive mobile and tablet experience to its own customers and those of holding company Customers Bancorp through a free mobile banking platform called BankMobile.

As trends in technology undergo a rapid change in time, the market has to adapt to the transition and innovate in order to keep current with today’s requirements. Individuals and organizations are increasingly seeking options outside the traditional for managing money matters. The upcoming mobile and tablet banking platform, BankMobile is set to be launched this year and is an innovated form of banking system that aids the millennial customer in managing financial matters totally free of charge.

CEO, Customers Bank Jay Sidhu, and executive director Bhanu Choudhrie, have promised BankMobile to be a new gateway Jay Sidhu was in fact one of the panelists at the Money 2020 event that took place at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas wherein he spoke on “Re-inventing Banks for the New Payments Ecosystem” and brought into view the services of BankMobile.

He also shared insights into what today’s banking scenario looks like, drawing parallels with the state of affairs in finance and payments system. The event was held on the 4th of November, Tuesday at 3.30 PM PST.

The talk was aimed at highlighting the paradigm shift that has been observed over the past years in the manner in which individuals and organizations manage, spend and borrow money. The panelists included prominent personalities from the sphere of finance who spoke on the subject and enlightened the masses about the fundamental change that the world of banking is finally opening into.

Evolution in payment methods and other financial services was the main thrust of the discussion and provided a long view of how payment making would shape out in the future.

Customers Bank falls under the holding company Customers Bancorp Inc. which has had Bhanu Choudhrie as the director since 2009. The Bank is a community-based, full-service facility with over $6.5 billion in assets.